Abundant Amenities

Yes, at this, your guest house,  we have for you:
wi-fi, solar-powered hot water and electricity, iron, ironing board;
cable TV;
hammock, veranda chairs and table, umbrella, beach mats,
hair dryer, towel sets, shampoo, soap; coffee-pot, hot-water pot,
toaster or toaster oven; paper towels,  glasses, cups, plates,
silverware; sink, dish detergent, drainer, refrigerator,
stove/oven,  plastic/glass recycle and trash containers
(and perhaps more…just ask.)

Basic Breakfast Gratis

 Coffee, tea, toast, butter, jam, filtered water.


Full-length vibrating pad,  mini-trampoline,
massaging foot spa, hand exercise tools. 

Biomat (health benefits of far infrared rays,
negative ion therapy and amethyst crystals.)

“Total Gym” exercise equipment


Essential oil facial steam, jacuzzi, full body and/or facial massage,
manicure, pedicure by appointment. 

Morning walk to farmers market with Jah B.

 Self-guided Yoga, Tai Chi, Dancercise on roof.

Coaching re healthy “live-it” foods, beverages and supplements

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